About Me

I’m a retired self-employed joiner, and became a widower on October 2019. I like to spend my time writing and also going for long walks up into the nearby hills and through forest paths. On a clear sunny day the scenery can be quite breathtaking.

I recently published my first novel in ebook form with Draft2Digital.com. It’s a science fiction book and I suppose it could also be defined as a fantasy book. My novel has approximately 80 thousand words.

My novel is titled “A Movement in Spacetime,” and I’m currently writing a sequel. I intend to write a trilogy. I’m also writing a fast moving psychological thriller, which requires a different style of writing. It can be quite challenging writing two different genres at much the same time, but I enjoy doing it.

My book can be found in Amazon stores and also many others. This link I have provided here will give you an opportunity to download and read my science fiction book. The link will take you to a platform that lets you choose which online store you prefer.